Upgrade and customize  with a Professional Tremolo Guitar Bridge System (Flat Mount). Select the one that matches your new Somnium guitar.

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Features And Benefits

  • Drop in for all Kahler upgrades (Hybrid® X-Trem®)
  • (2 in 1) tremolo can be locked into a fixed bridge
  • Top routing only, NO REAR ROUTING
  • Top spring tension adjuster
  • Cam and Ball Bearing Drive
  • Right and Left Handed with arm tension clutches
  • Fine tuning 2 steps +
  • SIX (6) WAY ADJUSTABLE SADDLE sets for custom set-ups:
    • Custom String Spacing Left-Right
    • Intonation: In – Out
    • Height adjustment: Up – Down to match neck/fret radius for customized string action.
  • Custom saddles for 7-8-9-10 string
    • Extra wide brass roller
    • Extra wide string hook

Chrome, Black, Gold


Fixed Bridge (Standard), Kahler Tremolo


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