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R66 Active Hexaphonic Variable Gain Pickup – Chrome


A Humbucker on steroids. Actually six Humbuckers in one shell, with a built-in variable gain preamp.

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The Somnium R66 takes humbuckers to a whole new level. Six pairs of coils (one for each string) are under the cover, picking up individual signals for each string. The on-board gain control lets you run them clean, or apply variable boost before combining the signals back into one to go to your amplifier. This gives you much greater clarity and definition than standard humbuckers which process all strings through the same two coils. You will notice the difference, especially under heavy overdrive where ordinary humbuckers can sound muddy and unclear. There are also controls to balance individual string outputs and a treble filter select for even more control, truly an amazing array of options to dial in your perfect tone.

In addition, the gain control is two-stage so that you can set Stage 1 on the pickup (for your initial level of gain) then control Stage 2 on the guitar with a volume pot (provided). In other words, you can twist a knob on your guitar to go from clean tone to dirty overdrive, even on a clean channel! There are gobs of gain on tap with the R66, and that means you don’t have to run over to your amp or pedal board to give your tone a boost or add crunch when you want to.

This is an active pickup so your guitar will need 9V power. The R66 will install anywhere a standard humbucker pickup can go, and it comes with mounting hardware, the Stage 2 gain control pot (25k) and an easy-to-follow wiring diagram. There is simply nothing else like this amazing pickup, and it is made in the USA.


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