The Most Versatile Electric Guitar

Ever Created

Every feature has been carefully thought out on these premium-quality

hand-finished American-built instruments.

Mark Stadnyk, Somnium Guitars

Mark Stadnyk

Founder / Engineer / Guitarist

Unprecedented versatility

to inspire your creativity.

A Somnium is everything you love about traditional guitar design: wood bodies with beautiful finishes, premium hardware, hand-built necks that feel great in your hands, and rich tones with amazing sustain no matter pickups you use. You form an instant connection because they are the best of what an electric guitar can be, and you can feel and hear that the first time you play one.

But what if there was more? What if that guitar could somehow produce the warm tones of dual humbuckers, the clarity and crunch of triple single-coils, the twangy brightness of a T-style classic or the rich full tones of P-90 soapbars? Do you have to buy 4 or more guitars to have those tones, or can one guitar do it all, and do it well?

Somnium Guitars are professional-grade instruments with the amazing ability to change pickups anytime you want, in seconds. Not simulated pickups, not digital processing, just real pure pickup tone with traditional controls. You can use passives, actives, any brand, any style, two or three at a time. Have a world of creative expression at your fingertips like never before. It won't replace your current guitars, but it will likely become your #1 go-to for creating music. Don't take our word for it; just look at some of the pros who are Somnium owners:

Somnium Guitars - Neal Schon - Journey

Neal Schon - Journey

Calls his Somnium guitar "amazing", "mind-blowing"

Click photo at left for video.

John Willis for Somnium Guitars

John Willis - Nashville

ACM Guitar Player of the Year and

40-year studio veteran.

"My #1 go-to studio guitar"

What's Your Dream Guitar?

There is no wrong answer because a Somnium becomes your dream guitar over and over again for any style of music. It is a tone chameleon that does your bidding no matter what genres you play. Mix and match pickups you would never have imagined combining, and discover tones you've never heard before. Come and see how that magic happens.

See How They're Made!

Understanding the quality which Somnium Guitars put into every build will provide confidence that you've come to the right place for your dream guitar. Learn how they're built and why our patented modular pickup system is the finest ever devised. Ever.


It's Somnium Guitar's dream to bring you your dream guitar.

Our Happy Clients!

Here's what our customers have to say about their Somnium Guitars.

"The T-style guitar I ordered is awesome...REALLY AWESOME!!! Bottom line: You made the exact guitar we discussed, great job!

(Somnium TS guitar)

Jay J., Sparks


"It’s not only a brilliant concept, it also works for what I do, and I do this every

day. I use these guitars, every day.

(Somnium TS and TS baritone)

John Willis

John Willis

Award-winning session player, Nashville, TN

"Thank you and congrats on the greatest guitar ever built and that R66 pickup. Holy S#!t, that thing would [make] Dimebag s#*t his pants and call it quits."

(Somnium TS guitar)

Jack L.

Magnolia, TX